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Opinion: A Wireless, Collaborative Sex Toy Could Be The Next Best Thing

Press "Enter" for remote tactile sensations.

BY Tina Wang | Feb 10, 2017 | Sex & Relationships


Not too long ago, my special someone was sent to manage a project overseas. He wasn’t chuffed, given that we’ve not been seeing each other long. But it was a great career break, and good money would be made. We had to suck it up.

The first week wasn’t so bad; we texted as much as we tend to, and Skyped every evening, which inevitably led to both of us talking dirty and eventually showing us each other’s goods on the small screen. Unfortunately, things hit a plateau by the second week. While our mutual hunger remained as strong, I got the feeling cybersex wasn’t quite doing it for him or, to be honest, me.

This isn’t to say that we are “sex addicts”—but we have very healthy appetites and this diet was starting to get to us. And when I received texts saying he was pulling a late one at the office in order to “meet the deadline”, I couldn’t help but imagine “the office” to be between the legs of some other siren who had seduced him. 

Thankfully, by the end of week three, he was back in sunny Sillypore and horny enough to break me in two (which I’m happy to say, he nearly did). We made up for lost time, but agreed the wait was excruciating.

Another trip is on the horizon, so I’ve prepped something he can pack in his luggage. Believe it or not, I read about it in The Economist—yes, it was that venerable weekly magazine for those with an IQ over 120 and a bank account in excess of four digits that introduced me to the wonderful world of teledildonics. To wit: Pearl and Onyx, made by Amsterdam-based company KIIROO.

The Pearl is a vibrator with built-in sensors made for receiving touch, while the Onyx is an imposing black box with an opening at the bottom that leads to a snug, padded interior called the “Pleasure Core”. This is composed of 10 rings that contract independently of each other, mimicking movements along with the Pearl.

So if I start stroking the Pearl here in Singapore and Mr Wonderful is “plugged in” to the Onyx overseas, he will go to heaven and back. The rings move exactly as my fingers do. If I insert Pearl into my lady bits, he’ll feel it through Onyx. All this, executed wirelessly. Genius!

Now we ladies have always been relatively spoiled as far as toys go: we’ve had dildos and vibrators enough to fill warehouses, while all you boys have had are inflatable dolls. I’m not saying that we’re at parity yet, but these technologically awesome tools definitely close the gap a little.

Will Pearl and Onyx be flavour of the month, or kickstart a whole new sexual revolution in this digital age? That remains to be seen. Meanwhile, they certainly make it possible to enjoy business with pleasure.

From Esquire Singapore's February 2017 issue