Man at His Best

A Kneading Honour For An Important Family Figure

By the calming sea.

BY Editors | Jul 10, 2017 | Fitness & Health

Give it up for your dad, the pater familias, that grizzled model of the man that you hope to one day be. Show tribute to the man by taking him to a spa day out. But not any old spa, no no. This one’s special. Head southerly, to Sentosa, where Singapore’s top luxury resort, Capella Singapore, awaits. And nestled within Capella Singapore is Auriga, named after the constellation that the brightest star, Capella, is located in. 

The spa’s wellness philosophy is based on the phases of the moon; keeping its signature treatments to reflect the different energies of the lunar cycle. It’s said that the different moon phases effect the body in varied ways such as a new moon mirrors winter, where you recuperate; the waxing moon bears the traits of spring, where it’s the best time to sow the seeds; a full moon represents a summer, where everything is ripped for the harvest and a waning moon symbolises autumn, where the body prepares to repeat the cycle once more. 

We suggest going for the Senja Sunyi massage. Using traditional Asian therapies, the massage is delivered with a body balm applied by long strokes and warm “moon” stones to uncoil the kinks and tangled nerves in one’s body. Time well spent in a place by the sea.

The Senja Sunyi massage is available at the award-winning Auriga at Capella Singapore, 1 The Knolls, Sentosa Island. More information and bookings can be made through here, by phone at 6591 5023 or e-mail.