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A Suit That Moulds a Spartan Out Of You

20 minutes is all you need.

BY Derrick Tan | Jul 3, 2017 | Fitness & Health

Image by Visiongym

I never had any issues with my body until I experienced an uncomfortable snugness with the fit of my shirt. One look in the mirror and I’ve found my answer: a thick torso caused by an undisciplined diet and improper workout methods. In short, I needed a solution to firm up the unwanted bulge and some training to prepare myself for a hellish Spartan Race challenge.

Around the same time, it was announced that Team Esquire was doing the race, I was introduced to an interesting fitness program that condenses hour-long gym trainings into 20-minute sessions. Using half of the lunch hour to get back in shape? I’m game!

Available exclusively at VisionGym, the training requires one to don a VisionBody Powersuit—the crucial element for the reduced training time in doing a full-body workout. This innovative body suit is similar to a cropped scuba wetsuit and is equipped with a wireless Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology. No purchase is needed to rent a Powersuit—it’s complimentary and cleaned with every visit, and your sessions come complete with full shower and locker facilities.

Integrated with 20 high-tech pulse patches, the Powersuit stimulates the main muscle groups in the body, stimulating the musculature and connective tissue in its entirety, which helps build lean muscles and eliminate fat cells. The pulses emit a vibrating massage effect that serves as reinforcement for the natural muscle tension.
As opposed to conventional weight training, deeper muscles are demanded. That enhances intra-and intercellular coordination. The training effect of EMS training can be up to 18 times better than conventional weight training.

That’s only a fraction of the whole regime—there’s still the workout component which is tailored to each individual. Led by the gym’s dedicated instructors, programs like High-intensity interval training (HIIT), strength, and endurance training are executed with the desired fitness goal. Although each session lasts for a short 20 minutes, it felt like an intense hour-long workout! I was drenched in sweat by the end of it. The timed exercises of HIIT that I did were unlike any typical routine workout. With the Powersuit on, I experienced a full-body workout that activated over 90% of my muscles at the same time. I just had to grit my teeth and endure the demanding effort needed to execute every movement correctly to get my svelte form back. 

After a month of regular fitness sessions at the CBD-based gym, it’s time to put the physique at the Spartan Race to test. I emerged unscathed, although with much difficulty. The intense training devised by VisionGym helps to keep one’s body in shape and trains it to cope with the stress that pushes it out of comfort limits. The short, painful sessions at the gym translated to greater endurance on the field. My body would have been in a rude shock had I stuck to my standard morning jogs as preparation for the race. 

And for those who are wondering, my shirt fits comfortably now. 

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