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The Ultimate Gift Guide 2016: Fitness

Health trackers are all the rage, but it might be hard to pick one that suits you when there are so many wearables out there in the market. We whittled it down to these three devices, each with its own distinct personality.

BY Wayne Cheong | Dec 8, 2016 | Fitness & Health

The Fitbit Charge 2
Available at authorised retailers

The leader of the wearables returns with the Fitbit Charge 2. Now with a larger display, it’s still not a touchscreen, but you can navigate by taps or by the button on the side. Updated features include the Multi-sport mode that tracks specific workouts like running or tennis, and a more precise Connected GPS. It also measures your VO2 Max. But what we’re stoked about is the Adventures feature, which applies augmented reality to motivate you to get out there. With your smartphone, the ARG lets you “hike” in Yosemite and, depending on the number of steps, you’ll get to see where you are on the trail; at certain points, you will come across specific, breathtaking sights. Now imagine if you were to change up Yosemite for an alien landscape, or even narratives, like, oh, we don’t know, catching pocket-sized monsters.

TomTom Touch
Available at authorised retailers

Not content with its built-in heart rate monitor, 24/7 activity tracking and phone notifications, TomTom Touch now adds Body Composition to your daily tracking. Counting steps and checking your heart rate won’t give you the whole story of your health. With the added ability to have an overview of your body fat and muscle percentage, you get a better understanding of your progress and what kind of activities you need to adopt to reach your fitness goals. To read your body composition, simply place your finger on the touch button and the device will calculate a review on your smartphone. With this knowledge of what you’re made of, it’ll help you monitor the results of your workout. You can also tweak it as you like.


The Apple Watch Nike+ 
SGD548 (38mm) and SGD588 (42mm)
Available at authoriesd retailers and Apple

Ah, this. The last time Nike and Apple got together was for the Nike+ iPod. Jumping onto the wearable bandwagon, we get the Apple Watch Nike+ (please don’t start with the “I have an Apple Watch, I have a Nike+” bullshit…). Imagine the Apple Watch Series 2 with all its bells and whistles, and now add the Nike+ Run Club app, two exclusive watch faces and a lightweight, silicon strap; it only makes sense, given the added features, to wear this in place of the Apple Watch. It comes in two sizes (38mm and 42mm), and has a built-in GPS to track your pace, route and distance, all without carrying your iPhone with you.