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Four Ways To Cleanse Your Mind From Troubles And Worries

Stay zen and focused for the year ahead.

BY Tom Macklin | Feb 2, 2017 | Fitness & Health


Come the new year, many of us will feel compelled to make quick-fix self-improvement resolutions: dry January, a juice cleanse or punishing gym work. One of the most invigorating and rewarding permanent lifestyle changes you can make is to focus on self-care. If you work, play and train hard then you are probably running on empty, which can affect work performance, gym results and achieving life goals. If you want a productive 2017, take time to reflect, switch off and recalibrate your mind. Here are some excellent ways to be calmer and healthier.





Need to recharge and recalibrate? Then this is the retreat for you. Founded in 1979 by Mel Zuckerman, the formerly overweight, stressed businessman was inspired to open Canyon Ranch after experiencing a lifestyle epiphany while on a Californian health break. Set in the Sonoran Desert, Arizona, you can complete hikes, bike rides and runs set against the backdrop of the Santa Catalina Mountains. The retreat caters for all with an optional daily programme of meditative classes, yoga, pilates and lectures plus a high-spec gym, PT sessions, HIIT classes and health assessments. There is also a medical and life coaching centre, nutritionists and four swimming pools. A week here and you’ll feel like a new man. Better still, Canyon Ranch has opened a resort in Kaplankaya on Turkey’s Aegean coast for something a little closer to home.

Canyon Ranch, Tucson, Arizona




Whole Body Cryotherapy Treatment (WBCT) exposes the body to temperatures between -80 and -90°C using NASA technology. A recent study by the Wroclaw Medical University in Poland found WBCT significantly alleviated symptoms of depression and anxiety, and positively influenced frame of mind.

111Cryo at Harvey Nichols, London




Sky Sports presenter Tony Wrighton’s sideline in informative podcasts offers energy and motivation hacks easily applied to everyday life. Infused with wit and not overtly preachy, he features interviews with authorities in literature, sport, health and science; its appeal has made it a staple in the iTunes self-help chart.

Zestology by Tony Wrighton




An alternative experience to the more widely-known hatha, vinyasa flow and ashtanga disciplines, yin yoga stretches are held for four minutes to promote mindfulness, deep stretching of muscles, connective tissues and joints. Practice weekly to relieve tension in mind and body, lower stress levels and reduce blood pressure.

Yin yoga at TriYoga/Third Space


From Esquire Singapore's February 2017 issue