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Music Will Be Your Only Pacemaker At Absolute Cycle

Move to beat if you wanna get fit

BY Derrick Tan | Feb 7, 2018 | Fitness & Health

Image by Kiattipong Panchee

Spinning on a stationary bicycle gets you nowhere. But with the addition of music, your mind and body will go to places that you've never dreamt off.

That’s where ABSOLUTE CYCLE comes in, where music comes before cycling. Under Thailand's largest Fitness Wellness brand, ABSOLUTE YOU, the dedicated rhythm-based indoor cycling studio has its first flagship studio in our neck of the woods at Downtown Gallery.

In an ABSOLUTE CYCLE session, music is at the heart of every class. You’ll cycle to the beats of a playlist, letting you boogie on the bike with choreography that follows specific beats from 11 different songs. A routine will train different muscle groups, switching between fat burn, endurance, metabolic conditioning and HIIT. This is an EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) workout, allowing you to feel the "afterburn" effect, where your body will continue to burn calories long after you’ve finished your ride.

For the individual with scant time to spare, a 45-minute session will burn up 500-800 calories, leaving you a quick bite to eat after during your lunch hour.

If you’re a neophyte, don't fret. There are specially-made shoes provided. Think of them as a sort of training wheels—slip your feet in, step on the pedal, and let the music wash over you. Under the guidance of the studio's dedicated trainers like Ciara Williams (leading U.S. rhythm cycling instructor) and Fay Hokulani (celebrity fitness trainer), you’ll soon be cycling like a pro. (Just don't forget to wash up in their changing room before heading back to the grind, ya filthy animal.)

ABSOLUTE CYCLE is located at OUE Downtown Gallery, #02-01, 6 Shenton Way, Singapore 068815. For more inquiries, call 6220 2688