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There's No Reason To Have A Dad Bod With Active8me

Regulate your pace. Anytime, Anywhere.

BY Wayne Cheong | Jun 9, 2017 | Fitness & Health

It’s a strange time to ride the fitness train. There are plenty of gyms that you can sign up for, races to enrol in, diets to adopt, but have you tried a fitness app? From an ex-Olympian natch. Created by two-time Olympian, Jeremy Rolleston, Active8me is the result of working with a team of health experts to deliver a transformative physical and mental result. It is a paid app, yes (sorry freeloaders), but it’s cheaper than your average gym, personal trainers and dieticians. The app’s training programme is customised to your goals and experience. Keep to your training, manage your food intake and track your progress, all under the watchful eye of your app.

The Active8me app is available for iOS and Android. Memberships come in different tiers, starting from SGD28.98 per month.