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Wayne's World: How Bros Would Be Bro-ing About The Ultimate BROcation

Esquire's Head Writer, Wayne Cheong, review things, bro.

BY Wayne Cheong | Dec 29, 2016 | Film & TV


BRO 1: Wassup bro?

BRO 2: Bro, whatcha up to?

BRO 1: Just getting swole, brah.

BRO 2: Brokowski, lemme know if you need a spotter.

BRO 1: Aight. But broski, Imma into this show that stars four friends and they go on this wicked awesome adventure.

BRO 2: You mean, Entourage? That’s tight, bro.

BRO 1: Nah, Broba Fett. Imma talking about The Ultimate BROcation. It’s a reality show about brothers from different motherlands going on a vacay that’s tailor-made for bros. They go to rad parties, get into some crazy hijinks-

BRO 2: Just like Entourage.

BRO 1: Broseph, it’s not like Entourage. The Ultimate BROcation is hella cooler than Entourage. You got these four personalities like PK from Thailand; SonaOne, who drops sick beats, is from Malaysia. There’s Billy Crawford, who's an R&B singer from the Philippines. And we have our very own Bjorn Shen, a renegade chef. He’s the comic relief.

BRO 2: Bro! Bjorn is like Turtle, right?

BRO 1: I guess-

BRO 2: That’s totes like Entourage.

BRO 1: …

BRO 2: Fistbump me, bro.

BRO 1: I don’t want to.

BRO 2:…please?


BRO 2: Entourage!

The Ultimate BROcation airs exclusively on KIX (Singtel TV Ch 309 and Starhub Ch 518) every Wednesday at 9pm.