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Local Director Gets Bolder With His Femme Fatale Theme With Siew Lup

Contains vampy additives.

BY Wayne Cheong | Mar 9, 2017 | Film & TV

Director Sam Loh’s Siew Lup is a tricky film to talk about because we haven’t watched it and can only infer so much from the trailer. But based from his last film Lang Tong, we can expect the similar pacing of the revenge film genre of a woman scorned and killing her antagonists and using them as ingredients (maybe) for a delicacy that shares its name with the film title.

Siew Lup is Loh’s second in his femme fatale trilogy. He wants to create a “genre film with a Singaporean identity that can travel internationally.” The synopsis: the protagonist, Mia (played by Rebecca Chen) is abused by her husband, Quan (Sunny Pang), the butcher who operates a roast meat stall. Then, Mia starts a torrid affair with Wu (Louis Wu) before removing Quan from the picture altogether.

As an aside, if Loh’s intention was to paint Chen with a feminist paintbrush, it seems to be overshadowed by the gratuitous sex and thin story. Again, there’s only the trailer to glean from. We’re sure that you can create a powerful female protagonist that comes out stronger from a traumatic experience that’s not rape- or sex-related but what do we know. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ 

Loh’s tentative title for the final movie was Angel of Vengeance, which is a sad departure from food. So can we recommend something that would be more in line with its previous two movies? In fact, it might level the playing field for both genders: the title for the third movie should be called Lup Cheong and there should be male nudity as well. Boom, you’re welcome.


Siew Lup is now out now in theatres.