Man at His Best

Now That Get Out Has Won An Oscar

Is it actually worthy of all that praise?

BY Joy Ling | Mar 6, 2018 | Film & TV

Image from IGN

According to every website out there, Get Out can do no wrong. Do a quick google search of “I hate Get Out” and all you get is articles of universal praise instead. It’s the groundbreaking film that has accomplished the rare feat of being a horror comedy of quality. A rare 99% on Rotten Tomatoes! It’s the genius child who is both top scholar and star athlete. It also overcame the late entry hullabaloo last year to go on and win this year’s stamp of approval from the Oscars. So maybe adopt herd mentality and just agree?

No. Conformity is for the weak. Yeah sure let’s be deep and reflect on the obvious layered meaning behind it. Racism, and every touchy subject under the umbrella. Interracial dating, police profiling, social stereotyping, the black person being the first to die in horror movies, the list goes on. Yes, it is commendable how Peele gave the ugly truth a funny face. Sadly, it’s exactly because it’s genre-defying that it was not sufficiently scary to be effective horror, nor hilarious enough to be comedy. Towards the end, it became eerily easy how Kaluuya’s character overcame his predicaments that you start to suspect the worst to happen.

Yeah we’re talking about the alternate ending. That would’ve given us a straight week of depression but would have added to the cause of how racism just doesn’t give you a chance. It was confusing because it was returning to the plot cliché where the protagonist typically survives a good ending. But props have to be given to the project for being a hybrid of the two genres the Academy would usually overlook, considering the fact that comedy has only earned Best Picture less than five times in the last century, with horror facing similar probabilities. We can’t refute that its win marks a significant milestone in the industry, and the content for thought-provoking discussions it does make, but the film could have circumvented its (un)predictable outcome.

Or we could all just take Peele’s word for it.