Man at His Best

Let Your Mind Wander With This Monthís Required Readings

Stuff them in your bag.

BY Ash Carter and Adrienne Westenfeld | Dec 6, 2017 | Books

It’s All Relative By AJ Jacobs

The Esquire contributor and serial obsessive embarks on a quixotic quest to the furthest reaches of his own genealogy—and discovers, among other things, that he’s related to both George Bush and (more distantly) Jeffrey Dahmer. Funnier than Finding Your Roots! SGD36

Sticky Fingers By Joe Hagan

Everybody from Mick Jagger to Paul McCartney to David Geffen to Bruce Springsteen talks in Hagan’s sex-drug-and-rock-’n’-roll-filled story of Jann Wenner and Rolling Stone, which reads like a picaresque novel of the baby-boom era. SGD40

Calder: The Conquest of Time By Jed Perl

Perl, a serious critic with an allergy to academic jargon, has delivered a major— amazingly, the first—biography of Alexander Calder, a giant of American sculpture who made his mark in four dimensions. Profusely illustrated. SGD74

Heather, the Totality By Matthew Weiner

The creator of Mad Men applies the storytelling skills that won him nine Emmys to another medium: the novel. Binge-read this nail-biting noir about a family of haves and a menacing have-not in an age of bitter class anxiety. SGD33