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Montblanc X Esquire Book Prize

Get your dream novel published in the final literary challenge of the Montblanc X Esquire Fiction Writer Project 2017.

BY Editors | May 30, 2017 | Books


In collaboration with Singapore’s award-winning publisher Epigram Books, the Montblanc x Esquire Book Prize is one of the newest and most exciting contests in the Montblanc X Esquire Fiction Writer Project 2017. Stand a chance to get your book published and share your imagination with the world.



  • Minimum length of the manuscript must be 40,000 words and above. There is no upper word limit.
  • Submit the MS Word document to with your full name and contact details.


  • One winner will win a prize from Montblanc and get their manuscript published by Epigram Books.
  • All other entries will be automatically submitted to Epigram Books Fiction Prize 2017.


  • Katharina Ueltschi, Senior Marketing Manager of Montblanc Singapore.
  • Edmund Wee, Publisher and CEO of Epigram Books
  • Zul Andra, Editor-in chief of Esquire Singapore.


  1. Eligibility

    a.The Montblanc X Esquire Book Prize (FWPBP 2017) is open to all Singapore citizens, Permanent Residents of Singapore and Singapore-born authors, regardless of age.

    b. Contest opens on May 30, 2017.

    c. Posthumous works are not eligible.

  2. Subject and theme

    a. Entries may be on any subject or theme.

  3. Language

    a. Works submitted must be written in English.

  4. Originality

    a. Each entry must be an original work written wholly by the author(s).

    b. Submitted work may be by more than one (1) author. There is no limit on the number of authors.

    c. Only unpublished work will be accepted. The work must not be contracted to any publisher.

  5. Number of Entries

    a. Author(s) may submit more than one work for this competition provided that the works are different and not variations of the same work. Each work needs to be submitted separately.

  6. The work

    a. The submission must be a full-length and original novel.

    b. The submission should have at least 40,000 words; entrants are encouraged to submit works that are 60,000 words or longer. There is no upper word limit.

  7. The manuscript

    a. All manuscripts should be prepared with 1-inch margins on all sides, double-lined spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font and page numbers. Set the page size to A4. Do not justify text, instead align text to the left using the ‘align left’ button in Microsoft Word.

    b. All manuscripts and their copies should come with a cover page. The cover page should include: working title, synopsis (50-100 words) and word count. The author's name should not appear anywhere on the manuscript.

    c. Spelling should follow Collins Dictionary (accessible online for free at Please use British spelling.

    d. Do not use the serial comma.

    e. Other matters of style are generally determined according to the latest edition of The Chicago Manual of Style.

  8. Submission details

    a. Submit the MS Word document to with your full name and contact details.

    b. The organisers and judges shall not be held responsible for manuscripts or collaterals that have been lost or damaged in transit.

    c. Manuscripts and collaterals submitted for this competition will be retained by Esquire Singapore. Please keep the original for your own reference.

    d. Works can be submitted either by the author(s) or a chosen representative.

    e. Works should adhere to the style and formatting guidelines provided above.

    f. Esquire Singapore shall acknowledge each entry by email.

  9. Closing Date

    a. The closing date for this competition is August 1, 2017.

  10. Rights of refusal

    a. Esquire Singapore retains a right of first and last refusal to all entries, regardless of whether the author wins the prize.

    b. Esquire Singapore shall have six months from the date of the winning announcement to inform the author(s) if it wishes to publish their work(s).

    c. If within thirty days thereafter, the parties are unable to agree on such terms, Esquire will return all rights back to the author.

  11. Announcement of winner

    a. The prize will be awarded on November 1, 2017.