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IKEA Wants You To Experience The Best Of Summer Without Breaking A Sweat

Fill those newly-bought patterned glasses with some Sangria.

BY Derrick Tan | Mar 12, 2018 | Design

Images from IKEA.

The hottest season of the year makes us yearn to stay indoors whenever possible, preferably with a powered air-con at its lowest temperature setting. But how do we experience summer without constantly swearing about the punishing heat? Just furnish your home with IKEA's SOMMAR 2018 collection.

SOMMAR (which means summer in Nordic) is an annual recurring collection from IKEA that captures the essence of summer through furniture, fabrics and home accessories. The sunny season is not the time to be minimal and monochrome—the SOMMAR 2018 collection offers colourful rugs, patterned covers, and outdoor-friendly dinnerware.

Here's a tip for urban folks who live in a compact HDB apartment: You don't need a balcony to enjoy the outdoors—windows are more than sufficient. Simply open them wide to let some sunlight and breeze in, grab a spare duvet or a pile of pillows, carefully-arranged vibrant rugs, have a cup of refreshing thirst-quencher in hand and you’re ready to unwind in your cosy summer corner.

IKEA’s SOMMAR 2018 collection is out now in all IKEA outlets in Singapore. The SOMMAR 2018 collection retails from SGD1.50.