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The Singapore Version Of Cards Against Humanity Could Be The Greatest Gift The Christmas Lights At Orchard Road Has Ever Seen

So good.

BY Lestari Hairul | Dec 21, 2016 | Culture

Maybe you don’t understand the British references. Maybe you simply dislike US hegemony on culture. Here comes a local-friendly update to the popular-amongst-hipsters card game that only gets busted out at parties when people cease to find each other conversationally exciting.

Featuring quintessentially Singaporean icons like Amos Yee and small penis syndrome, it is rare among lauded local products because you won’t find much Singlish here. At least as far as we can tell.


From Limpeh Says Facebook page.


The Singaporean homage to the game was created by NAFA student Tan Yong Heng who first conceived the idea for a school project and went viral because we’re all sorely in need of some Singaporean cultural references.

In sleek red and white, “Limpeh Says” will be released tomorrow, December 22; maybe just in time for your office Secret Santa. This is, arguably, the only safe haven in Singapore where racism, xenophobia and bigotry can come together and have a jolly good time.

May we all send our daughters to enroll in Raffles Girls’ School if you give them Tampines (more examples appended for your kind bemusement).



Get your packs from Limpeh Says once their Kickstarter bid goes live tomorrow (December 22). Early bird pricing starts at SGD30 a set.