Man at His Best

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Featuring rising Korean actor Nam Joo Hyuk and a woman we love, Serena Adsit.

BY Editors | Oct 2, 2017 | Culture

Is life more than taking the necessary steps to stay alive, or are we just pawns in the grand scheme of things? Every individual has their own interpretation on the meaning of life, which is established with his/her principles and beliefs. No judging, alright?

There is a Japanese concept of living called ikigai—which means “a reason for being”. There are four fundamentals in this concept that one must attain. They are: what you love; what the world needs; what you can be paid for; and what you are good at. Imagine each of these fundamentals taking up four different circles to form a Venn diagram, the goal is to find your centre, your ikigai. In this issue, we'll find out life's significance through the intimate accounts of the personalities featured.

Our cover star, Nam Joo Hyuk, is set to prove his acting prowess and silence detractors who labelled him as a model-turned-actor archetype. Turning our focus back home, we were all ears on veteran model-turned-entrepreneur, Serena Adsit, as she talks about the pursuit of happiness in life. Lastly, we delve into the future of digital currency and the implications of entrusting our savings to the hands of strangers. Better save a biscuit tin or two for the rainy day fund.

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