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Grab Your Copy Now: Esquire Singapore August 2017

Singapore is more than memories put together or the summing up of years.

BY Editors | Aug 3, 2017 | Culture

Majulah Singapura (Malay for "Onward Singapore"). That's the title of Singapore's national anthem. This August, we take an inquisitive approach to confront the rusting mechanics behind Singapore's inner workings towards a better future.

Taking cues from "Home", our Head Writer Wayne Cheong examines its meaning in this issue's cover story. Is Singapore just a refuge for its citizens, or is it something else entirely? Also, all eyes are on the impending Presidential Election―one that's reserved for those of Malay ethnicity. Editor-in-Chief Zul Andra writes about the effects of this Amendment Bill and gamed meritocracy that raised a few brows for its abject tokenism.

On the lighter side of things, bow down to the audacious Preetipls as she reveals her anti-establishment stab in being a social commentator (*basic influencers need not apply). Also, our Writer-at-Large Lestari Hairul walks us through the ruins of the Singapore football scene, which was once a unifying sport and experienced its heyday.

Read all about this and more in Esquire Singapore's August 2017 issue. Out now in digital and print.

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