Man at His Best

An Expanded Urban Beach Awaits At This Year's DBS Marina Regatta

It is mandatory to get drenched.

BY Wayne Cheong | Jun 1, 2017 | Culture

Think of it as Songkran but without the exploitation. The DBS Marina Regatta returns this year for four days of aquatic activities like chillaxing on Bay Beach, an “urban beach” that will be twice the size it was last year (see artist’s rendition above). Head to the Coconut Bar, courtesy of Potato Head, to sip on fresh coconut cocktails and beers. If you feel frisky, take on the Battle Bay, an inflatable water-obstacle course. But if you just want to watch others duke it out for glory, there’s always the dragon boat race, where teams get to vie for a SGD134,000 prize purse.

The DBS Marina Regatta will run from June 1 to 4. Admission is free.