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Photo Of The Day: The World's Largest Oil Spill

It's been 40 years since the grounding of Amoco Cadiz Tanker.

BY Derrick Tan | Mar 16, 2018 | Culture

Photo by JEAN-PIERRE PREVEL/AFP/Getty Images

An Aerial view taken in March 1978 of the wreck of the Liberian oil tanker Amoco Cadiz, which ran aground near the small port of Portsall, on the coast of Brittany, 16 March 1978, transporting 227,000 tonnes of crude oil en route from the Persian Gulf to Rotterdam.

In two weeks, the entire cargo spilled out into the sea, as the breakers split the vessel in two, progressively polluting 360 km of shoreline from Brest to Saint-Brieuc, western France. 

The Amoco Cadiz caused the world's worst oil tanker spill at the time.