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Salvation Made Simple™

The fictitious cult we've always wanted to join.

BY Joy Ling | Mar 1, 2018 | Culture

We probably don’t need another rib at religion, but when you target it at millennials, it won’t fail to humour. Known as The School, the spiritual organization worships The Goddess, She who is #blessed. The deity watches over Singapore’s sea and tides, and it has been speculated that the appearance of our very Merlion is inspired by Her likeness. Thanks to Her wisdom, you can easily avail yourself to convenient means of purity. Keep your vices at bay, regain childlike vigor, or attain 100 years of enlightenment with #BlessedWater, which is dispensed from vending machines, naturally. Luck and love is also just a spin away with Soul Spinning Amulets.


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The religion is fictional, but the reflection of how spirituality is increasingly commodified in this commercial world isn’t. The deity is not real (not unlike most existing entities), but her origins derive from actual rituals and traditions from 13th-century Temasek that were lost to colonialism. The mixed media installation, created by local photographer and director Lenne Chai, is one of the exhibitions at the OH! Open House. The series of tours feature art from 22 regional artists exploring the fraught colonial history of Emerald Hill. For the simplest road to salvation, catch the load of irony, seapunk visuals, and underground cult status this weekend. #BlessUp

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