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Rimowa Gets Smart With Their Latest Suitcase

Never lose your suticase again.

BY Wayne Cheong | Dec 16, 2016 | Travel

If it pleases the court, presented here, exhibit A: the Rimowa suitcase. A casual glance and you’ll immediately recognise the corrugated body… but wait, there’s something different about it.

Near the handle, there’s a barcode with a threeletter airport code: a bag tag. But instead of its usual paper incarnation, it’s now an electronic ink display. The function lets you check in your suitcase through your smartphone—from home, the office, the deli—allowing a no-fuss dropoff at the airport counter.



The display is easily scannable, and even if the AAA batteries that power the e-ink were to die, the information will still linger behind the robust Gorilla Glass. You can even track your luggage when you fly and not worry about not being able to pinpoint your bags should they be misplaced.

At the moment, only two airlines—Lufthansa and Eva Air—have adopted this tech; for the electronic tags to really take flight, more airlines need to support it.

This is the future of smart luggage. It’s already here, while the rest of the world catches up. Case closed.

RIMOWA models with the electronic tag feature start from SGD1,090 and are available at all RIMOWA stores.