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A Local Tech Company Ups Its Portable Audio Game By Creating A Home Theatre Experience

The X-mini INFINITI weighs at a surprising 4kg.

BY Wayne Cheong | Aug 21, 2017 | Technology

Everybody’s heard of the X-mini capsule speaker. Produced by a local tech company, it proved that you can still boast big sounds from a device that wee. So, 10 years since its inception, the little audio company that could, and did, has gone into the home entertainment game. 

Unveiling a new line of sound systems, you have your perennial favourite portable speaker as well as a larger device like the X-mini INFINITI. Disregarding the directional sound, the X-mini INFINITI goes for an omnidirectional delivery. Housing four drivers, one subwoofer with built-in DSP and DPAC audio tech, the 60cm-high INFINITI also weighs a surprising 4kg. Sounds emitting from this tower are wholesome, with strong highs and mids, and a bass that hugs without killing. And best of all? It’s wireless and lasts for four hours on a single charge.

The new range of speakers (including the X-mini INFINITI, which retails for SGD569.90) from X-mini is out now.