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A Touché Of Personalisation

And profiling your preference.

BY Wayne Cheong | May 3, 2017 | Technology

We’ve heard of cashless payments like the Dash app and payWave feature; here’s a new contender in the field: Touché. Spelled like “touché” and pronounced as “touch” (we’re a little vague about the reasoning for this), it’s not your average loyalty and payment platform—it’s also biometric. While current market solutions call for the use of devices for authentication, Touché only needs the user’s two fingers. So far, 11 eating establishments have adopted Touché, and here’s the bit that really sealed it for us: every time you patronise a store or a restaurant, it creates a profile—nothing prying—that details your wants and likes to tailor your experience even further. Cashless, efficient and now personal.

Touché is now available free on iOS and Android.