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Nokia Reissues the Banana Phone

One of the ways to make a sale is to tug on the customer's heartstrings. It's effective as it appeals to your emotions but it might be detrimental in the long run.

BY Wayne Cheong | Feb 27, 2018 | Technology

Image by Nokia

Nokia used to be big in the smartphone scene before the Big Two (Apple and Samsung) arrived. And since then the Finnish tech company made a slow descent before NMD Global saved it from going under. In finding its footing, one of the ways to be relevant is to remind us all why we fell in love with a Nokia in the first place.

At this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Nokia reissues the Nokia 8110—the “banana phone”—with its curved design to cradle the face when you’re making a call, the slider smartphone was also seen in The Matrix. In this updated model, it now has 4G networks, has a 2MP rear camera and a 25-day battery life on a single charge. Like its previous re-release of the 3310, the 8110 has a colour display screen where you can while your time away with Snake. The 8810 also comes in black and… bright yellow, because, you know… banana. While it feels a little hokey, people are talking about it.

But did you know that Nokia also released four other models, including the 8 Sirocco with a tough exterior and the flagship, Nokia 7 Plus? On the same day as it announced the return of the 8110. No, right? Not many of you knew about that. That’s because everyone is raving about the “banana phone” (guilty as charged). Although Nokia isn’t resting on the laurels of its previous achievements, this continued evocation of the past kinda overshadows the rest of its line-up. Nostalgia can be a soothing balm but it can also be a millstone around the neck as it keeps you from moving forward.