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Sony's Latest A1 Series TV Has No Speakers In Sight

A slate with no frills.

BY Wayne Cheong | Apr 5, 2017 | Technology

Imagine the scene: you’re at the preview of Sony’s newest line of TV products. You come to the A1 series—specifically the 65in—with its 4K HDR OLED features, the eight million self-illuminating pixels working in sync, portraying a visual richness with perfect blacks and defined colours. There’s a video of a sword being forged; you see how the light glints off the weapon’s edge, the dark background. You hear the impact of hammer hitting steel, but where is the sound coming from? You examine the TV’s bezel that’s almost nonexistent. In fact, it’s too thin to even house speakers. Then, it’s revealed that the sound is coming from the screen itself. This is Sony’s new proprietary Acoustic Surface tech: the two transinducers at the back generate vibrations through the screen to produce the sound. Just when you thought that the only way forward is to get thinner and more colourful, Sony comes along to elevate TVs to another level. Imagine that.

Sony A1 Series (65in and 55in Class model) 4K HDR OLED TV is available at all Sony authorised retailers.