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Your Next Holiday Flight May Come Sooner Than You Think (And Without Costing A Single Cent)

Thanks to the Mileslife app.

BY Wayne Cheong | Aug 14, 2017 | Technology

Image taken from Mileslife app

That moment in Punch-Drunk Love when Adam Sandler’s character capitalises on a loophole to amass a million frequent flyer miles might seem like a pipe dream but we have the next best thing. The Mileslife app is a platform that allows users to collect air miles and points through lifestyle spending.

Originally started in China, Mileslife made Singapore its next stop to partner with local merchants. We’ve tried it and, while it’s still early in the game, it looks to be rather beneficial for the user; we got double-dip points, which are additional miles on top of your credit card spending. At this rate, we’ll be flying in style in no time.

The Mileslife app is available for iOS and Android smartphones.