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Why The Fender FXA9 Pro In-Ear Monitor Is Worth Your Penny

Drown yourself in quality sound.

BY Wayne Cheong | Jul 6, 2017 | Technology

When musicians play on stage, more often than not, they’ll be equipped with an in-ear monitor (IEM). Not only do they hear how the music is played live, these IEMs are also custom-fitted to an individual’s ears and reduce ambient noise. Fender launched five Pro IEMs in 2016, and this year, the brand released two new models—the CXA1 and the FXA9; the former is meant for those looking for the best audio performance at an affordable price, and the latter, for musicians and audiophiles on the hunt for a premium IEM experience.

These models may be on the opposite end of the price spectrum, but they still maintain that Fender aural quality we all know and love. We’ll be focusing on the FXA9 that is designed and assembled in Nashville, Tennessee.

The FXA9’s Digital Hybrid Technology buds are 3D-printed to allow for an ergonomic shape that closely reflects the natural contours of the ear for improved comfort and isolation. Within the device is a triple sound bore design, containing drivers that produce distortion-free audio. As they direct sound into the ear canal for enhanced clarity, the drivers also interact with the housing for increased sound conduction. A 24k gold-plated nozzle is fitted at the end of the model’s detachable MMCXi triple-silver-plated low-oxygen cable to enhance the listening experience further, and it comes in three colourways: Pearl White, Chameleon and Bronze Pearl.

It may feel odd to listen to audio files from a smartphone with what’s considered to be the Porsche of earphones, but if you have the coin and the yen for a good sound system, the Fender FXA9 Pro In-Ear Monitor might be for you.

The Fender FXA9 Pro In-Ear Monitor costs a pretty penny—SGD1,999 to be exact—and is available at all authorised Fender retailers.