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Hear (And Feel) The Impressive Bass From The Devialet Gold Phantom

Nothing ghastly about it.

BY Wayne Cheong | Nov 7, 2017 | Technology

We’ve seen the Devialet Phantom in action. We’ve watched demos where the woofers pulsate to music while the rest of its body is like the surface of a calm ocean. It is another thing entirely to test it out in the confines of our office, where music flows, nay, floods forth from this… rotund, alien-looking ovum. For the Devialet Gold Phantom, its prudence with its aesthetics (very Zen) fools us into thinking that it might be a cinch to carry… until we almost throw out our back.

There’s a reason for its heftiness— within are Devialet’s proprietary tech like Analog Digital Hybrid (twin opposing powers of analogue and digital amplification in harmony); Heart Bass Implosion (low-ass frequencies galore, you can’t hear it but you’ll feel it); and Speaker Active Matching (reproduces the exact rhythm and tempo of your music), among other patents.

While it’s not far-fetched to envision its insides as a flurry of wires and circuitry, in reality, it’s actually streamlined; no convoluted set-up, just plug into a power source, synch to the Devialet app on a smartphone, and stream music with impunity. Of note: the Devialet Gold Phantom is expensive, so very expensive, but it is worth every damn penny.

The Devialet Gold Phantom retails for SGD4,490 and is available at two outlets at #01-10, Marina Bay Sands and #03-10, ION Orchard, as well as online.