Man at His Best

You'll Never Look At Cups And Mugs The Same Way Again After Playing This Game

Don't make a deal with the devil.

BY Wayne Cheong | Dec 1, 2017 | Technology

Image by StudioMDHR

Go play Cuphead. It’s a run-and-gun game where you are the titular character (or his brother Mugman in a co-op) who has to do the Devil’s bidding in order not to forfeit his soul. This game is challenging (it took us 30-over tries to defeat Djimmi the Great) but you’ll be carried away by its rendering in the style of ’30s Fleischer Studios cartoons and the ragtime swing soundtrack.

And once that novelty fades, you’ll be back to cursing under your breath as you try to bring a boss battle to a favourable conclusion—but all with a small, joyous smile.

Cuphead is available on Steam, Xbox One and the PC.