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Bose Have Developed The Perfect Solution To Your Partner's Snoring Problem

Just plug it in.

BY Editors | Dec 7, 2017 | Technology

Image from Bose

Snoring: the lead cause of relationship breakdowns in the world.

Ok, that's not true – it's probably infidelity or leaving breadcrumbs in the butter or something – but those with partners who rattle the windowpanes with their nasal death cries every night will know it can put a lot of strain on that suddenly flimsy construct we call 'love'.

So what's the solution, beyond divorce or insomnia-induced manslaughter? Bose – makers of some of the world's most luxurious speakers – think they have the answers.

The company recent acquire Hush, a manufacturer who developed a product called Sleepbuds (now Bose Sleepbuds) that promised to cancel out the noise around you as you sleep.

In other words: your parents can snore away all they like and you won't hear a thing.

They work by omitting 'soothing sounds that facilitate sleep' and can be synced up with your alarm to make sure you do wake up – when the time is right.

Got to be worth a try, doesn't it?

From: Esquire UK