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Samsung Announces the Galaxy S9 Series

Samsung's new Galaxy S9 series draws first blood in the smartphone arena but is it a knockout?

BY Wayne Cheong | Feb 26, 2018 | Technology

Samsung Galaxy S9+. All images by Samsung.

When Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and S9+ were announced during the wee hours of the morning, we had to rub the pervasive sleep from our eyes as the S9 series look like its previous model, the S8 series. But to the untrained (sleepy) eye, that may be the case but if the specs are to be believed, this smartphone still proved it has a lot more tricks up its sleeves when it’s up against Apple.

Here’s the skinny from the unveiling at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona: better cameras that shoot in super low light and allows for, what they termed as “super slow-mo” at 960 frames per second; Augmented Reality emojis, which allows you to make an animated version of yourself that you can send through text; Samsung’s personal assistant, Bixby gets an upgrade with Bixby Vision; the fingerprint scanner is now below the rear camera. Speaking of camera, only the S9+ is equipped with a dual aperture at the back.

So for now, these are what you can expect from the Samsung Galaxy S9 series. We’ll let you know more once we get our greedy little hands on it. Expected the series to drop on 16 March.


Update: the retail prices for the Galaxy S9 series are as follow: the Galaxy S9 (64GB) retails for SGD1,198; the Galaxy S9+ (64GB) retails for SGD1,348 and the Galaxy S9+ (256GB) retails for SGD1,498.