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The Tippling Club's Latest Cocktail Menu Offers A Sensory Adventure

You'd wish that you could shower with this. No, you can't.

BY Lestari Hairul | Jan 11, 2017 | Food & Drink

The Tippling Club has teamed up with International Flavours and Fragrances Inc to produce a Sensorium Menu. Here, you’ll smell first the perfume of the cocktail before the barkeep presents the elixir to your taste buds. After much tasting of the menu, we can vouch for their accuracy, in particular Rain and Campfire. It’s all pretty self-explanatory—what comes up for you scent-wise when you think of these words? Alas, though the perfumes have impressive sillage, they’re not for sale. Just a little sniff please, the star of the show is the cocktail.

The Tippling Club is at 38 Tanjong Pagar Road. Each cocktail from the Sensorium Menu is priced at SGD22++.