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The Presence Of These 5 Festive Spirits Will Amp Up Your Holiday Party

Fill them into your empty glasses, please.

BY Editors | Dec 22, 2017 | Food & Drink

Photo by Adam Jaime

It's never good to turn up empty-handed for a party, and you'll never want to be that guy who picked the worst gift for your host. Thankfully, there's a fool-proof choice which is a staple at almost every party — Booze. And we've handpicked a selection of festive liquor sets that'll make your host beam in approval.

1. The Botanist Gift Tin / Mixing Glass Gift Set

For the Nordic design aficionado or gin connoisseur, The Botanist Gin has two limited edition gift sets to fill any home with the festive scent of Juniper all year round.

The Botanist Gift Tin adds a dash of sophistication to any shelf with The Botanist Gin encased in an elegant white gift tin embossed with the brand’s iconic design, featuring the Latin derivatives of the 22 island botanicals unique to Islay’s first and only gin, while The Botanist Mixing Glass Gift Set makes a perfect gift for the mixology enthusiast, featuring an exclusive mixing glass embossed with the same brand motif, nestled with a bottle of The Botanist Gin in a beautiful gift box that showcases the evergreen landscape of the Isle of Islay in its interior.

The Botanist Gift Tin is available at Asher BWS at SGD98+ (price is subject to GST), and The Botanist Mixing Glass Gift Set is available at TANGS Orchard at SGD120.

2. Cointreau L’Age d’Or du Cocktail

For the cocktail enthusiast or Art Deco lover, the Limited Edition Cointreau L’Age d’Or du Cocktail is a luminous visual homage to the Art Deco style of the Roaring Twenties. The facets of the iconic square bottle of the classic French orange liqueur are transformed to mimic the decorative Moderne glass block walls popular at the time, while the label features emblematic symmetrical and geometric Art Deco motifs.

A tribute to the Golden Age of Cocktails, this incandescent work of art makes a great addition to any home bar and is available at Asher BWS at SGD48. Price is subject to GST. 

3. Bruichladdich 'Wee Laddies’ Whiskey Tasting Collection

For the ultimate whisky lover, the Bruichladdich ‘Wee Laddies’ Tasting Collection will be one for the books, featuring three tasting bottles of the award-winning progressive distillery’s core expressions: The Classic Laddie, Islay Barley and Port Charlotte Scottish Barley.

The ‘Wee Laddies’ Tasting Collection will be available at La Maison du Whisky at SGD178.

4. Rémy Martin VSOP Glass Pack

For the multi-talented home mixologist, Rémy Martin has released a limited edition festive Rémy Martin VSOP Glass Pack that features the classic VSOP bottle with two exclusive Rémy Martin glasses encased in an luxurious red gift box designed with white and black slashes symbolic of the brand’s One Life/Live Them philosophy and reminiscent of the spear of the Rémy Martin Centaur.

The Rémy Martin VSOP Glass Pack will be available at Asher BWS at SGD80. Price is subject to GST. 

5. Rémy Martin XO Coffret

For the cognac connoisseur, the festive limited edition Rémy Martin XO Coffret presents the iconic XO bottle in a glossy, gold gift box designed to showcase the convergence of over 400 eaux-de-vie and the years of great expertise, tasting and blending in each bottle of this opulent Extra Old Cognac Fine Champagne.

The Rémy Martin XO Coffret will be available at Asher BWS at SGD288. Price is subject to GST.

*Bonus: Here are a couple of cocktail recipes for you to show off your mixologist skills and impress the crowd.

1. The Botanist Classics

(a) Botanist & Tonic

- The Botanist Gin
- Tonic Water and Ice
- Slice of Citrus

(b) Botanist Martini

- The Botanist Gin
- Dry Vermouth 

(c) Botanist, Straight

- The Botanist Gin
- Ice and Slice of Citrus
- Olive

2. Cointreau L’Age d’Or du Iconic Cocktails

(a) The White Lady

- 1 oz Cointreau
- 1 oz Fresh Lemon Juice
- 2 oz The Botanist Gin
- Egg White (Optional)

(i) Combine all the ingredients in a shaker and fill with ice.
(ii) Shake, and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.

(b) The Side Car

- 1½ oz Rémy Martin VSOP  
- ¾ oz Cointreau
- ¾ oz Fresh Lemon Juice

(i) Wet rim of a chilled martini or coupe glass with lemon and line rim with sugar.
(ii) Combine all ingredients in a shaker and fill with ice. Shake, and strain into the glass.

For an interactive and delicious activity for any festive party, set up a DIY Cointreau Fizz Bar, with bottles of Cointreau, soda water and a selection of citrus fruit, berries, and even herbs like rosemary, mint, basil and thyme. Let your guest get creative and experiment with their own concoctions!