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A Boozy English Tea Affair At Oxwell & Co

Served cold.

BY | May 4, 2017 | Food & Drink

The better four floors in Singapore? It’s over at Oxwell & Co. If Club Street’s not your usual thing, perhaps boozy tea at Oxwell & Co’s rooftop garden might entice you to a little corner of England. Cocktails like “A Brew on the Roof” (SGD22) and “Gingerly Does It” (SGD65 per pot) fill the menu, each lovingly tea-infused in case you need any more Englishness in your face. With a view of historic Chinatown laid before you, while surrounded by edible plants that the kitchen actually uses, it might be a nice break from the happy hour beer crowds down below.

Oxwell & Co is located at 5 Ann Siang Road.