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T2 Ushers In Christmas With Tea Blends That Pays Tribute To The Natural World

All hail mother nature.

BY Wayne Cheong | Dec 21, 2017 | Food & Drink

Not to be confused with the airport terminal or that James Cameron movie, T2—Australia’s premium tea brand—ushers in Christmas with a tribute to the natural world. Is it about Charles Darwin, you ask? Ho ho ho… no. 

T2’s Christmas Collection is in honour of our big blue marble. Try the new Christmas teas: Paradise Punch and Mulled Wine Magic. 

The former’s main notes are banana and strawberry, and one whiff of it is like a rabbit punch to the jaw. The latter retains the aromatic profile of traditional mulled wine but without the hangover (because there’s no alcohol in it; give it to your little ones!). There are even curated gift packs that make your life choices easy.

The Christmas Collection 2017 is out now at all T2 outlets.