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SunnyHills Has The Perfect Goodies To Divert Probing Relatives During Lunar New Year

Just stuff them with these pineapple tarts.

BY Wayne Cheong | Feb 5, 2018 | Food & Drink

For the Spring Festival, go block-ish, instead of round. With SunnyHills pineapple tarts in your home, that conversation with nosy relatives and friends will be drawn from “when are you getting married/having kids/finding a high-paying job?” to the fascination of the brick-shaped confectionary. 

Hailing from Taiwan, these baked pastries are packed with pineapples nurtured by the Bagua mountain region and climate. Oh no! Your uncle/secondary school peer that you don’t really care for has started to inquire about your monthly wages. 

Further distract them with the collaboration between SunnyHills and local brand, Ang Ku Kueh Girl and friends (AKKG). Show them the pineapple drawstring backpack. Have them coo over this symbol of prosperity-meets-pragmatism. Blow their minds by revealing the contents of the bag… SWEET DOG OF THE LUNAR NEW YEAR, it’s more SunnyHills pineapple tarts. Fingers crossed that the rest of the visitation blows over quickly.

The top-tier SunnyHills x AKKG CNY 2018 Limited Edition Gift Set (pineapple tote bag, two boxes of 10 pineapple tarts, one tin of organic oolong tea) retails for SGD98.80. The other two tiers—tote bag only, and tote bag and two boxes of 10 pineapple tarts—retail for SGD24.80 and SGD69.80 respectively. The gift sets are available at #B2-27A, Ngee Ann City (Tower B), Takashimaya SC.