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Authentic Korean Grub And Whisky... Say No More

Ho Rang I restaurant at Thomson Road is not only for Korean diplomats and housewives.

BY Lestari Hairul | Jan 12, 2017 | Food & Drink


The brothers behind popular quick-service lunch restaurant Do Si Rak have taken over their Korean mother’s establishment in Goldhill Centre. No, definitely not another fried chicken restaurant nor one that serves the typical dishes that you find in food courts all dumbed down to blandness.



This is the place to go, not just for Korean diplomats to wine and dine their guests, but also Korean housewives to wile away their afternoons. We were blown away by everything, in particular the gamjatang army stew in all its glorious, silky, rich broth.



The brothers are also well versed in their booze knowledge. If you’re a whisky fiend, you’re in luck. This joint respects that liquid gold. One can expect nothing less from a culture that characterises a meal solely by the fact that it’s made up of food to eat while drinking alcohol. That’s anju for you.

Ho Rang I is located at 165 Thomson Road. For reservations, contact 6251 0123.