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Enrol To The Academy of Cheese And Turn Yourself Into A Savoury Superhero

Powers and tastes may vary.

BY Editors | Jul 5, 2017 | Food & Drink

Image by Matthew Donaldson

At any dinner party worthy of the name, a board of fine cheeses is the delicious, and expected, finale. Through its myriad tasty and pungent varieties, few other foods inspire such gastronomic pleasure or, indeed, passion. So let it simply be said: cheese is awesome.

If you think so too, from this spring, you can enrol at the Academy of Cheese in London and work towards the equivalent accreditation that sommeliers obtain for wine, a Master of Cheese. 

Hosted by cheesemaker Mary Quicke MBE, the course aims to educate professionals and aficionados alike, and involves four levels: Introductory, Professional, Expert and the aforementioned Jedi-like Master of Cheese.

This article was first published in the print edition of Esquire Singapore, June/July 2017.