Man at His Best

Make Kilo Lounge Your Default Hangout Metric

At last, the long-awaited revival of the sacred watering hole.

BY Wayne Cheong | Feb 3, 2017 | Food & Drink


A former resident of the Ture building in Kampong Bugis, Kilo Lounge upped and left the area for greener pastures. Finding a spot at Tanjong Pagar Road, the lounge was slated to open in November but there were construction cock-ups. Or was it an exorcism gone awry? Dunno, man. But whatever the case, it has opened. Like for real.

The place still maintains its industrial look and feel with added touches by graf artist, SKL0. Like sheep, you’re herded through the back alley, down a verdant walkway, and through a stone tunnel that opens up to a dance floor. This is sacred ground and lo, do you hear that? That’s the hymn, music of the spheres from the weekly guest DJs (this month’s includes Butch, Paul Woolford, Chymera, Deetron and Night Talk).

Give in and dance, monkey, dance, because that is the only worthy tribute for the revival of a place like Kilo Lounge. 

Kilo Lounge is located at 21 Tanjong Pagar Road.