Man at His Best

Jane Gives Johnnie Walker The Boot

Diageo will replace the iconic striding man logo on the 12-year-old Black Label blended limited edition whisky bottles for the month of March.

BY Derrick Tan | Mar 2, 2018 | Food & Drink

Image by Diageo

Scotch fans, don't panic if you spot a striding top-hatted woman on a Johnnie Walker Black Label Whisky bottle. The iconic man logo, often associated with the spirit, will be replaced temporarily by Jane Walker in March. Diageo, the world's largest spirits company and the brand's London-based owner, introduced this female-fronted version of Johnnie Walker whisky to celebrate women's causes.

So why Jane Walker? Stephanie Jacoby, vice president of Johnnie Walker, hopes this move will widen the appeal of the scotch while celebrating women. For every bottle of the Jane Walker edition sold, Diageo will donate USD1 to organisations supporting women’s causes. This launch comes in the midst of the #TimesUp and #MeToo—movements that encourage individuals to voice out on sexual harassment.

The sale of Jane Walker also coincides with Women's History Month and International Women's Day in March. Those who wish to purchase this limited edition bottle might want to engage a US proxy—it is only available in America from March 1. Liquor collectors, what are you waiting for?