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It Smells Like A Singaporean Christmas At Goodwood Park Hotel

Mao Shan Wang log cake, anyone?

BY Wayne Cheong | Dec 20, 2017 | Food & Drink

The hotel that’s oft-associated with the spikey king of fruit returns with another Christmas-themed menu. Aside from the Mao Shan Wang Christmas log cake (SGD69 for 500g) and the Silent Night Sphere (SGD28), where hot chocolate sauce is poured over a white chocolate orb to reveal its sweet insides, Goodwood’s also given the quintessential festive meat a novel twist. Called Around the World in “Turkey” Days (hur-hur), this platter uses the big bird in four international dishes: turkey bulgogi puff, turkey gyoza, turkey shepherd’s pie and turkey (duh) Sriracha.

Around the World in “Turkey” Days retails for SGD128 and contains six portions of each item except for the shepherd’s pie that will be in a glass tray. For orders and more information, call 6730 1867/68.