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Feast On Bites And Booze At Ginett Restaurant & Wine Bar

Bottoms up.

BY Lestari Hairul | Apr 6, 2017 | Food & Drink

Hotel bars the world over seem only to be one of two extremes. You either get the super-classy, super-expensive but highly-lauded ones, or a place where they water down your alcohol, destroy any semblance it may have to a drink that you wanted and still charge you eye-watering prices. Ginett is different, and its location doesn’t make us think of a hotel bar at all, thanks to the configuration of Hotel G, which makes it the more accessible entranceway than the hotel lobby. Expect all-day dining and boozing with a delectable spread of European favourites and an even greater list of French wines for the offering. We are especially taken by its cold cuts platter, a metre-long board of prime selections of charcuterie and cheese. Wines start at SGD6++ for a glass and SGD30++ for a bottle. (You weren’t thinking of having that board alone without some libations to aid its way down your gullet, were you?) An excuse for workday drinking at noon would be their affordable two-course lunch priced at SGD18++. All you need to do next is pick one off their 70-vintages strong list.

Ginett Restaurant & Wine Bar is located at 200 Middle Road. For reservations, contact 6809 7989.