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A Countryside Escape At The Summerhouse

Summer is eternal in this integrated, multi-concept establishment.

BY Editors | Jan 31, 2017 | Food & Drink


We live smack-dab on the equator, where it’s perpetually sunny, so why would anyone want to evoke summer as a restaurant’s theme?

Located along the conservation bungalows at Seletar Airport, is the Summerhouse that has the feel of the English countryside. As an integrated, multiconcept establishment, you have Wildseed, a café-cum-bar on the ground floor, the Balcony Bar on the second story, along with the Summerhouse Dining Room.

Chef Florian Ridder’s nature-centric menu emphasises on seasonal produce and regionally-sourced ingredients. Inspired by a dish that his vegetarian ex-girlfriend used to eat, the Buckwheat Porridge dish is given a new spin with bacon, sunflower seeds, Parmesan cheese and Chinese spinach.

Chef Ridder’s talents come really comes into play with the Poached Grouper that had a belacan prawn reduction—which is tricky because, if not prepared right, the belacan can overpower the fish, but what we had is inviting to the nose and complimentary to the tongue. Perfect.

And if you‘d like to walk off the meal, take a stroll through the “self-sustainable” garden that also provides all the garnishes for the meals. Now that’s a summer we can enjoy. No sweat.

The Summerhouse is located at 3 Park Lane and reservations can be made at 6262 1063.