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You'll Only Know The Real McCoy After Tasting These Diner Favourites At Cake Avenue's

The cake is a lie.

BY Wayne Cheong | Oct 11, 2017 | Food & Drink

As though we don’t have fake news to worry about, now we have to deal with fake food? We’re presented with six new additions to Cake Avenue’s menu that look like your classic diner offerings—burgers, corndogs, soup, the like—except they don’t taste like they should. They are sweet desserts masquerading as savoury meals and, as your brain takes a while to adjust to this newfound reality (“It looks like nachos but tastes sweet! Does… not… compute…”), it’ll make for interesting desserts. 

Try the aptly-named Great Con Dog, which is sweetcorn custard trapped in a breaded exterior, accompanied by a side of vanilla ice cream and strawberries, or the Alphabet Soup, which is a lychee mousse entremets with lychee chunks and raspberry fruit that’s slathered with “sweet milk agar ‘alphabets’ and a rose jelly ‘consommé’”.

Cake Avenue’s diner-themed dessert menu is out now. Cake Avenue is located at #01-01/02 Kilat Centre, 33 Lorong Kilat.