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Here's a Crazy Simple Recipe for Authentic Buffalo Chicken Wings

From two Buffalo-born guys.

BY Sarah Rense | Mar 30, 2017 | Food & Drink

Here's an easy buffalo wing recipe from two Buffalo born-and-bred guys who now own a joint called Dan & John's Wings in New York. Their wings are done in "the most authentic way we can," according to the aforementioned Dan, which means they're simple: just sauce with blue cheese (not ranch) and celery (not carrots) on the side.

First, chose good chicken wings, meaning no knee joints, no elbows, and no Z-shaped flappy bits. Second, crisp them up, for which you don't need a fryer. Fill a tall pot up about a third with oil, heat to 365 degrees, and evenly fry the wings, says John.

For true Buffalo, New York, wings, Frank's Original Red Hot is the only sauce worth taking the time on. For medium heat, use three portions hot sauce to one portion melted butter. For mild, the reverse, one portion hot sauce to three portions melted butter. Get an even sauce distribution on the wings—use a big bowl and a squeeze bottle to get every "nook and cranny," as Dan suggests—and add crushed pepper to taste. And that's pretty much it. Watch the instructional video, courtesy of First We Feast, below.

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