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Finally, A&W Confirms Its Return To Singapore

I'll have everything on the menu, please.

BY Editors | Jul 4, 2017 | Food & Drink

Image by A&W Restaurants

Here's a piece of good news for Singapore foodies: You can have your fix of A&W signature menu items like Coney dogs, curly fries, root beer floats, and waffles without leaving the country.

In an email interview with Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore, Kevin Bazner, CEO of A&W, confirmed that the fast food chain is planning to expand in Southeast Asia, including in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

Expected to open in 2018, Bazner said the company is "on track to open 30 to 40 new restaurants a year between these four countries," and that "A&W has already built an office in Singapore in 2016 to prepare for this expansion and is currently looking for “real estate for a flagship company restaurant in Singapore”.

A&W was Singapore’s first fast-food chain when it opened in 1966 and made its exit back in 2003.