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Chomp On Ethically Sourced Mediterranean Fare At ALATI

Straight outta the Aegean sea.

BY | May 8, 2017 | Food & Drink

Our experiences with Greek cuisine mainly consist of pre-game gyros at Circular Road, and that SNL Lovahs skit where Will Ferrell and Rachel Dratch wax lyrical about their time in Greece eating moussaka before a three-way. You won’t find gyros nor moussaka here though. Straight from the Mediterranean coast, seafood is the focus, and boy, you can really taste the freshness. The dishes (which are shared, in typical Greek dining fashion) aren’t complicated—the true flavours of the ingredients shine through, so our palates never get bogged down. Our favourites include the Taramasalata, a dip of cured cod eggs, shallots and olives; the Greek Octopus, beautiful to the eye, all red and glistening with olive oil and tasting of the sea; and the salt-baked Milokopi fish, which is the restaurant’s pièce de résistance. After a grand entrance, the waiter carefully chips away at the salt crust to reveal flesh that tastes good as is.

All ingredients are obtained from suppliers who employ ethical, environmentally-friendly farming and fishing practices; so, if you’re feeling bad about the fresh imports, at least let that assuage your conscience.

ALATI Divine Greek Cuisine is located at 73 Amoy Street. For reservations, contact 6221 6124.