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Spanish Restaurant FOC PIM PAM Serves Up Hefty Tuna At One Night Only Dine In Orchard

If you love tuna, Spanish cuisine, and a good sherry, this is it.

BY Joy Ling | Mar 21, 2018 | Food & Drink

It’s a once in lifetime event to see a whole, fresh 165kg Atlantic Bluefin dissected and served. The first in Singapore, in fact. When you think tuna, you probably won’t think Mediterranean. You would possibly picture Japanese cuisine, smooth sake and the rest of the sashimi series. Well, the top chefs at FOC Group are here to change your mind. After performing the 3,000 year-old traditional Spanish art ‘El Ronqueo De Atún’, or ‘Snoring of Tuna’, derived from the meticulous cutting sound, the noble cuts and choice innards are brought to town.

Caught wild off the coast of L’Ametlla De Mar, south of Barcelona, the massive fish is highly sought-after for three main reasons. Its excellent flavour, superb quality, and optimal fat content. Which means you can indulge yourself in this decadent epicurean experience, guilt-free. Happening on 22nd March, the curated dinner is prepared by Chefs Nandu Jubany, Hideki Matsuhisa and Carles Gaig, along with FOC Group’s Executive Chef and Co-Owner Jordi Noguera and FOC Sentosa’s Executive Chef Pau Eche Garcia. Each chef will create a special tapa with different parts, a selection of loin, belly, bone meat, marrow, tripe, heart and bloodline.

Flavours are heightened with an expert pairing of world-class sherries hand-picked from the illustrious Lustau Winery by FOC Group sommeliers. Enjoy 1-for-1 specials on selected gin and tonics served Spanish style– a gentleman’s pour of 60ml in a balloon glass. A ‘La Gintoneria’ party at the outdoor terrace ensures you get the best ambience for this exclusive tuna extravaganza.

FOC PIM PAM is located at 442 Orchard Road #01-29, Singapore 238879. For more inquiries, call 6100 4242.