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Restaurant Xin Divine Brings New Fusion To Singapore

The Chinese-European restaurant finds common ground in the heart of Duxton.

BY Joy Ling | Apr 10, 2018 | Food & Drink

Calling it East meets West would be trite, but there’s no escaping an accurate saying. In this case, the acquaintance is a divine appointment. None of that messy fusion concept, where your confused tongue struggles to find the balance in the furore of references. Dishes are intricate, but amalgamations are seamless. The new flavours are distinct because ingredients remain traditionally Chinese while the European influence patiently sets in culinary techniques that tie it all together.

Take the Szechuan style Tortellini for instance– dollops of minced kurobuta pork and chives swathed in smooth handmade wanton skins, then twisted to resemble the Italian pasta. Or the Poulet De Bresse, a roulade of foie gras and sous vide chicken thigh in premium Chinese wine, thinly coated and expertly deep-fried. Don’t leave out dessert, which is best for those who want the health benefits of herbs without dealing with the bitter aftertaste. In the interval before your invited folk arrive to try, head up to sister entity Divine Bar. Fragrant tapas, aperitif and Chinese tea await you. 

Xin Divine is located at 10 Duxton Hill Singapore 089594. For more inquiries, call 3100 0030.