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Origin Bar's New Cocktails are a Toast to the Past

Pay your tribute at Shangri-La's reopened bar.

BY Joy Ling | Feb 21, 2018 | Food & Drink

On this tiny island, our proudly local drinks are limited to the Singapore Sling, Tiger beer and the many variations of Kopi and Teh. It takes luxury hotel Shangri-La to contribute five worthy contenders. Located at the hotel’s recently rejuvenated Tower Wing, Origin bar reopens with welcomed additions to the cocktail menu. The array takes after Singapore’s bountiful trade heritage and headlines five key districts.

Individual odes to Orchard, Chinatown, Little India, Boat Quay and Marina Bay, the resulting drinks are historical anecdotes thoughtfully distilled in a glass. Take for example, Orchard’s inspired cocktail, Origin. You probably didn’t know that the shopping district was once home to pepper and nutmeg plantations in 1880, but bar manager Adam Bursik does. His gin-based masterpiece is a spicy mix of sugar cane honey, nutmeg, pepper, charred pineapple and lime husk wine.

Other bittersweet creations offer you exciting elements like cardamom and tamarind, aromatic fruits like fig and jackfruit, and delicious woody undertones of aged rum, Campari, or osmanthus fortified wine. The most eye-catching of the mix is clearly The Pearl. Its seashell presentation is hard to miss, so is the unusual ingredient used to enhance the smooth texture of the blend– silken tofu. Overall, you would be getting a distinctive floral flavour of Black Forest Gin and barley Shochu, refined by the natural brine of the sea grapes. No points for guessing that the drink pays tribute to Chinatown with its Asian allure.

Teetotallers are not left out. From refreshing citrus to freshly roasted coffee beans, drinks celebrating local produce are also available. So drink up, take a tropical voyage down Singapore’s illustrious history. There’s no easier way to pay respect to your country’s heritage.

ORIGIN BAR is located at Lobby Level, Tower Wing, Shangri-La Hotel Singapore, 22 Orange Grove Road, Singapore 258350. For more inquiries, call 6213 4595.