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How to Stand Out From The Crowd At Le Dīner En Blanc Singapore

When all-white is the dress code.

BY Editors | May 19, 2017 | Advertorial

It should be a cinch for most blokes when it comes to adding white to your fashion ensemble: A plain white t-shirt pairs with almost anything. But what if you have to attire, from head to toe, in white then? How do you pull that all-white look off without looking like you rep for the PAP? How do you dress for the upcoming Le Dîner En Blanc Singapore on 3rd of June? Here’s how:

What Kind Of White Is It?
Participants are required to wear white at Le Dîner en Blanc. Sounds simple but what kind of white? Our suggestion? Go for a bright white, one that reflects the sort of white in natural light.

Know that if you were to dress in a hue that’s not white—even if it’s an off-white—you’ll stick out because you’ll be in an ocean of other dressed-by-the-book patrons.

Remember The Weather
Our weather is unforgiving. It is a blanket of hot air that we wade through, so forget about that three-piece Sean Combs suit. Instead, go for linen; they are breathable and easy for this climate. Bear in mind that you will have to lug your own tables, chairs, and food to the secret location so we definitely recommend: Uniqlo’s AIRism innerwear.

If you still want to dress to the nines in white like you’re trying to get free entry into Zouk on Halloween, make sure it’s tasteful. Streak white across your eyes like Empire of the Sun (the band not the movie), or don a mask like the Phantom of the Opera? Yes. Wearing sweatpants with “JUICY” emblazoned at your butt? No, dear God, no.

Sensible Shoes
Comfortable footwear like loafers or sneakers. As usual, keep them white and absolutely no Crocs please.

Style = Confidence
It really doesn’t matter if you perfect the look but if you lack confidence, everything falls apart. This isn’t a time for self-doubt; wear your assurance proudly and even your harshest critics will abandon their trolling ways. Have fun!

Here's some good news! Additional invitations to this year's Le Dîner En Blanc are being released in the coming days. You can register for the waitlist here. Registration will close on Wed, May 24th.